Weed delivery services in Calabasas, California
Mr. Green's Organic Delivery has been a provider of medical weed (cannabis) deliveries in the San Fernando Valley for nearly ten years. Established in 2009, we are based in Woodland Hills. We are a discreet and top rated marijuana delivery service. We offer weed deliveries throughout the San Fernando Valley and adjacent neighborhoods, cities and communities. Some of the areas we serve include Calabasas, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Encino, and more.

Besides the traditional cannabis strains, we offer a number of edibles, highly potent concentrates and other medical products of the highest quality. Whether you are looking for pre-rolled joints, an ounce of Skywalker OG or maybe a THC caramel - contact us for a professional and courteous weed delivery in Los Angeles. Besides caramels, we offer edibles such as lollipops, jelly rangers, candy bars, chocolate bites, jelly bears, sour worms, and more.

Legality of Cannabis

cannabis deliveries in san fernando valley
The Forbidden Flower
"Beyond Blue Dream" (Sativa)
Weed legislation vary greatly from place to place. While pot is legal in countries such as Uruguay, Holland (the Netherlands), and from July 2018, all of Canada. In certain other countries, weed legislation is a local issue. As an example, cannabis is legalized in the Christiania neighborhood of Copenhagen and in large parts of Spain. In the United States, weed is legal for recreational purposes in states such as Oregon, Washington and Colorado. A bill to legalize recreational use by anyone over the age of 21 was passed by California state voters in 2016, but does not take effect until 2018. Until then, California requires a medical recommendation note from a physician. All we require for deliveries are:

1) A copy of your California ID as proof of state residency, and

2) A copy of your medical cannabis recommendation letter or marijuana ID card.

These are requirements by the State of California. All your information will be kept confidential.

How Can Weed Help Me?

Calabasas Cannabis Delivery Service
The use of medical cannabis is old. It was for example used by the Native-Americans and in the Chinese culture for thousands of years. Today, medical weed is prescribed for a host of different medical conditions. Clientele in the San Fernando Valley get their delivery for:

• Insomnia
• Various anxiety disorders
• Arthritis
• Various forms of cancer
• Reoccurring migraines
• Severe nausea
• Depression

Medical pot may help for a variety of diseases, illnesses and disorders. Check with your doctor to see if you qualify for a cannabis recommendation. We are open seven days per week. Mr. Green's Organic Delivery is the top rated weed delivery service in San Fernando Valley. Whether you are looking for weed deliveries in or around the valley, contact Mr. Green's Organic Delivery today for your discreet medical delivery.

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