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San Fernando Valley might be most famous for its San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG), but this is far from being the best-selling weed strain in the City of Angels. Based in Woodland Hills, our cannabis delivery service has been a trusted delivery source of medical weed in LA for over eight years. During our years on LA streets delivering cannabis strains, Mr. Green’s has come to know the ins and outs of the city’s most popular marijuana strains. In this article Mr. Green’s will present the top-selling Hybrid-, Sativa- and Indica strains in Los Angeles, according to numbers from Leafly (2017). Hold on and let us present: “Top Selling Weed Strain in Los Angeles!”


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By far the best-selling cannabis strain in Los Angeles - and in America - is Blue Dream. Said to have euphoric effects, Blue Dream is a guaranteed stress- and depression reliever. Blue Dream has been rated the 10th best weed strain for relieving migraines, and the 8th best strain for increased productivity (by Green Rush Daily). Blue Dream was also named “The Best Weed Strain For PTSD-Treatment” by Sun Times. With energizing and creative effects, this weed strain is also delivered by cannabis delivery services for patients with anxiety disorders. Blue Dream is the most popular strain delivered by our cannabis delivery. The second-most-sold strain in LA is also a Hybrid, namely Girl Scout Cookies, while the once-so-popular OG Kush now rates as the city’s 4th best-selling marijuana strain.


The third-best-selling weed strain in California is Sour Diesel, one of the stronger Sativa’s available from Mr. Green’s Delivery. Prescribed for everything from anorexia, PTSD and anxiety disorders, Sour Diesel has a lot of medical benefits. It has euphoric and also energizing effects. It has been named the best weed strain to stay active and productive, and is a popular strain for cannabis delivery services. It has been rated the second-best cannabis strain for combating chronic pain, by Green Rush Daily in 2017.


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Indica's are kind of out of style, judging by the numbers. The best-selling Indica strain is only the 8th most popular in Los Angeles. This strain is Bubba Kush, known for its immediate calming effect. This strain is pretty much the exact opposite of the aforementioned Sativa. Bubba Kush has strong muscle-relaxing and calming effects. Consequentially, many insomnia patients in Woodland Hills and elsewhere use our cannabis delivery for this top shelf Kush. An ideal stress-reliever, Bubba Kush can also be prescribed to anorexic patients because of its appetite-rising (side)-effects.

Prefer something stronger? San Fernando Valley and the LA region is also home to one the world’s most potent cannabis strains. Check out Emperor Cookie Dough, with its impressive 31% THC level!

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The information this article provides are written based on the author’s personal research. The author is NOT a physician, and our medical information are not intended as nor should never be used as a substitute for consulting a physician. Mr. Green’s Delivery of Woodland Hills and the author are not responsible for possible adverse effects of cannabis usage. Medical marijuana is a prescribed medication and is only available to patients with a physician’s recommendation and a California ID, as required by California State Law for cannabis deliveries.

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